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Lunch with my chingus at Mrs Kim Korean Kitchen!

I confess, in case you still did not know: I am a fan of Korean cuisine. This is something relatively new in my life. It started when, just moved from Argentina to New Zealand, I decided to try Kimchi for the first time. This was mostly because with my wife we ​​watch Chef & my Fridge on Netflix pretty often by then  and it had made us want to eat it.

I also find it interesting that it is one of the Asian countries that consumes the most meat, which makes me happy as Argentinian. So I was determined: We had to go try another place of chingu (friend) food! We had already been at Miss Kangsta, where I am going to talk to you in another post, so we wanted something that moved away from fusion cuisine and was more authentic.

So, between walk and talk, we passed through the door of Mrs Kim Korean Kitchen, a nice corner of Wellington that attracts you not only because of the Asian decoration and the quiet atmosphere, but also because whenever they attend to you, it is with a smile.

The first thing that caught our attention was the setting of the place. Large tables, benches where you can spread to taste and a lot of bamboo. It is not a place for an important meal let's say, it is more for homemade food. But that is exactly what I liked most about the place.

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The prices were quite reasonable if we are talking about the local scene and the portions, truth be told, very generous. I didn't want to order the Bibimbap because, in my ignorance, I thought it was going to be just meat with salad and rice. So I rolled with the ramyeon to see how different it was from the one I had in Miss Kangsta.

First of all, to say that I was very wrong about Bibimbap. The flavors of toasted sesame mixed with the meat and the gochujang were an explosion in my mouth that made me, I'm not lying here, cook bibimbap at least once a week in my house since this experience.

The ramyeon was quite different from the previous one. This soup had what we call "mondongo" in Argentina, which surprised me a lot, since is not something I see often in New Zealand at least. The mondongo is, basically, the stomach of the cow slow cooked usually. Is not a fancy cut by any means and the texture is a bit weird, but since I grew up eating mondongo at home, it was strangely pleasant in a nostalgic way.

The bowl also had dumplings (two was the exact number of them) and the broth was more on the stew side than the flavors you would expect from an oriental soup. No sesame, garlic or ginger notes, just a rich, thick and intense liquid goodness. Different, but enjoyable in its own way.

Of course, being this a Korean place, side dishes were present. And yes, of course...kimchi was present! Which made me happy like a dog with two tails since I love to try new kimchi! This was no exception to the rule: Tasty, spicy, red awesomeness. There was also a rarity at least for me: Kumara, AKA sweet potato, AKA batata, AKA camote caramelized in an spectacular way. I would say it was a Gamjajorim (potato and soy sauce side dish) but with the plot twist of the kumara.


If you enjoy comfort and asian food, and specially if you are tired of Chinese/Japanese (can you get tired of them? I can't)...Mrs Kim Korean Kitchen offers an spectacular way of having real, homemade from Korea to your face!
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