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Brunch at Oriental Bay: Coene's Bar & Eatery.

We had decided to go, with my wife, to brunch the two of us alone to a place we had pending since we moved to Wellington: Coene's.

Last night I didn't decide between Fidel or this place that I'm going to talk to you about today. When I woke up in the morning she, knowing about my indecision and wanting a definitive plan, asked me: Where do you want to go? I had decided that if it rained, looking at the sea would not be worth it, so we were going to Fidel. On the contrary, if it was sunny or cloudy we would go to Coene's. So that was what decided where to go: the weather!

Knowing how popular this place is, we went early, around 8.30. Bless that decision! At 9 o'clock there was a line waiting to be attended and receive a table.
Getting to Coene's is not difficult at all and, if you go by car (we walked because we live a few blocks away), you have the possibility of using the parking lot. The location is central in the heart of the capital. Inside it is cozy, with lots of wood and some vibes of ships and sea, which makes sense, since it is right in front of the Harbor in Wellington, in the beautiful Oriental Bay.

We decided to sit outside at the beginning, although the wind and the seagulls threatening to poop us or steal our food made us think twice about the option and go inside. The service is very good, with smiling faces and quick to answer anything you need. There is nothing worse than seeing a waitress or waiter with the face of "I don't want to be here" after attending us.

The options for brunch were very good, escaping a bit of what is mainstream and, honestly, being one of the main reasons (in addition to the location and the views) why I had chosen to go to this place.
As we felt adventurous, we decided to go for the flagship eggs Benedict of the place. Bennie Eggs but attentive to the plottwist: Instead of toast, it was a nice cube of fried grated potatoes. Instead of bacon? Smoked salmon (you can choose what you want, having bacon among the options). The egg obviously could not be missing, because otherwise they would not be called Bennie Eggs I suppose. The portion was generous, leaving me not wanting to have lunch even after noon. What I should emphasize is that, what most abounded and filled the stomach of the dish, was the potato. Smoked salmon was present, but in a proportion that could be better to justify choosing that option.

Coffee, an essential part for me in every breakfast and something that in New Zealand does not usually disappoint, was as rich, intense and full-bodied as I would expect (I always ask for Long Black).

The prices are a little above the range that one usually finds in places to have breakfast in Wellington (which is already an expensive city in itself to eat), but I believe that the atmosphere, quality of food and customer service make It's okay to pay that extra.

One of the places that I will definitely visit again to try other options!


  • If you pass by during a weekend's morning and smell the smoked salmon goodness coming out from their kitchen, you will know that this is a place with quality food. This was the first hook getting me into this place!
  • Amazing views, close to everything and great service.
  • Tables inside and outside.
  • An interesting menu for breakfast/brunch.
  • Great atmosphere.
  • Great service.
  • Portions are generous af! 


  • Getting a spot after 9 can get a bit tough, be prepared for the wait or, like me, go early to enjoy the kiwi morning with a perfect breakfast. 
  • Prices are on the expensive end compared to other avenues. 
  • Food can take some serious time to be served, but patience is rewarded amigos!

CONCLUSION: A perfect place to chill with someone and contemplate the Harbour while having a great coffee and food. Tables outside when it's sunny (watch out for the seagulls!) and tables inside when it's raining/windy/chilly...which is something not as strange in Wellington as you may think!
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