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Smartwatch: How it helped me with my health.

I was already in shape ... in a little pear shape. When I moved from Argentina to New Zealand and found so many rare foods to try, I gave free rein to my gluttony and, in addition to sitting while I was working, I did not fully compensate for this by living on a constant slope foot of the mountain.

Because yes, if we talk about walking ... I walk a lot, and almost everything you walk in New Zealand is a pretty intense and steep climb, something a goat would enjoy definitely. But on the food issue I was derailing without knowing it. Shame on my nationalism, but that habit of ours in Argentina (is that the case in all of Latin America?) of having breakfast, lunch, snack in the afternoon and dinner late at night does not help much to be in your ideal weight.

So, unwittingly, I learned that I was a few kilos overweight. It was when I bought a smartwatch. An Apple Watch 3 more precisely. I bought one for me and one for the waifu. My motivation was to stop losing calls by having the cell phone thrown out there in silence and also receive notifications for meetings and what not.

And, having the device on my wrist, I saw these colored circles. Calories, Activity and Standing Time. Red, green and light blue. I did not pay more attention because I was very busy leaving everything set up because, as always when I buy a new technological toy, until I have everything perfectly synchronized and going smoothly I do not stop.

It was so that I realized that, in the synchronization between the watch and the iPhone, I could download applications that were compatible with the Health app on the phone. Among them, they recommended the Yazio app to track what food you ingested during the day and other cool things. Broadly speaking, you put gender, age, weight and what weight you aspire to, you set up a couple of things for the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and voila, everything is synchronized between the smartwatch and cell phone.

Now ... once I had everything set on the smartwatch I began to notice how this device impacted my daily life ... for good. For starters, it reminds you with enough insistence that you were sitting for a long time. Or maybe you're not reaching your goal of daily training. That makes you move, looking to complete those colored circles that I mentioned at the beginning. Gamification at its best amigos!

Then, what it was like to go by bus or electric scooter to the office suddenly became a half-hour walk. I do not complain, it is next to the sea, with beautiful views on the very center of Wellington CBD (if you follow me on Instagram you will know it already!). If I spent a lot of time watching TV, playing or working, the clock said "man, lift your buttocks and walk a little!". That's when I know that I have to get up, take a break and take a few turns. The same happens when it tells me to take a deep breath. It may sound stupid, but having those reminders of "che man, give yourself a bit of a pause" during the day, when you are a very active person engaged in different projects at the same time, is saving for me.

Another very useful thing is that the Apple Watch itself detects if you are doing a training and tells you "do you want this time you were walking and forgot to put that you were going to do it be counted as a walking training?". Which, honestly, always happens to me! And that way it is also traced and helps me keep the values in their real, accurate, measurements. On the subject of training, it has many variants for virtually every type of training you do. I do a lot of trekking or hiking because, again, I live between mountains, rivers and sea and it lends a lot to that! So, when I am there at the foot of the mountain to start the journey, I put on the hiking training and the watch is tracking the climbed meters, calories burned, distances traveled and a lot of useful information that you can then look at and say "well bro, you did it well ! "

And so it was that, thanks to avoiding that bowl of cereals at midnight while we watched a series and wanted to chop something, or having that salad because the previous day I had a gargantuan burger with 4 floors of pure fat because of the Wellington On A Plate event. ... so I lost 10 kilos in a very short time. And yes, I could have gone down more if I had done a little more training in addition to walking and facing the kiwi nature, but that I will leave for another post in which I will talk about Just Dance, Boxing Fit and the new exercise game announced for Nintendo Switch!

For now, tell anyone you know that is concerned about not being active that, if they are planning to lose weight and do not find the right motivation, one of these devices may be the right decision! This comes from someone who uses it and is getting the expected results!

I could tell you about the other technological benefits that it has, such as Siri integrated in the thing, or have practically everything you need from your cell phone with a wrist turn, but that can be found in the billion reviews and analysis that are already for the Apple's smartwatch . This post was focused on how it helps with the health of a pure and hard gamer like me, who sometimes does not have time to sit and think about exercises.

Saludos and see you soon on next posts!

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