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Do we REALLY need Netflix on the Nintendo Switch?

The other day I was in bed, with the Switch in my hand and I said "damn ... how good it would be for this machine to have Netflix". Immediately, I reflected on what I had just thought.

Was it really necessary in the Nintendo console? Thinking cold, out of that moment of need in bed, warm and not wanting to go on to turn on a TV ... was it necessary?


Currently, the streaming platform is available on a wide, wide variety of devices. We found it on the cell phone, on the tablet ... on the laptop, desktop computer, Chromecast, Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, Wii U, SMART TVs and I don't know, I'm sure I forget something else.

Let's agree that we all own at least 1, 2 or more of the devices I mentioned above, isn't it? We all have a cell phone, a computer and a television. The Chromecast is a device that I suppose is going to lose strength due to the TV being SMART and bringing a large part of the functionality it provides from the factory, but it is an affordable device.

If you are a gamer, which there are good chances that you are given that you are in this blog, you may have a console, two or more. The vast majority of current consoles bring Netflix built-in. The application works well on all these platforms, obviously the best option is the PC, the Smart or the tablet sending the content to the television either through Chromecast or directly.

The point I want to make in this statement is: We generally have several means by which to watch Netflix without putting the Switch in the equation. But ... do we need the Nintendo hybrid console to give us at least that chance?

Nintendo and Netflix: Japanese minimalism.

The latest Nintendo machine comes with the concept of being "just to play" and that's it. This was the criterion that led them to take out functionality as the responsibility of the hardware itself and put it elsewhere, as in the case of the Nintendo application that we have on the cell phone and that is the only first Party way of talking with friends while we play .

It is also one of the reasons we do not have Netflix. The boys of the Great N tell you: The Switch is a machine to play, folks, do not insist with Netflix that you have it even in the toilet.
And, if we think objectively, they may be right. Let's see...

The Nintendo machine is spectacular to play while we are not at home. The transition between docked and portable mode works exactly as you would expect, exclusive games are a love to experiment ... but we still want that extra step to watch our series, movies, anime, documentaries, etc. on Netflix!

Considering what we talked about before, about how diverse is the ecosystem of devices that allow us to watch things on Netflix, the question that arises is: does this also need to be on the Nintendo machine? In what cases can we feel that it would be good? We complain about pure whim?

First ... having even the option is something we can all agree on, it would be a positive thing. I am one of those who consider it a console to play and nothing more. In fact, when I see my daughter using the Switch to watch videos on YouTube I say "why don't you put the videos on the Xbox that is bigger and look there?".

We could also say that, for the same purpose, we have the possibility of using a tablet. But, at least I do not like the idea of ​​walking with a tablet and also, the Switch in a backpack just in case you want to see a chapter of something. I find it counterproductive.

I remember when I was a little child, in my dear Buenos Aires. The programs I liked existed on television, at a given time, on a given day. If I missed that train, I had to wait for a repeat. Today we have everything so easy, that before a small change in the way we consume content we shake our fists to the sky.

My opinion: don't be fussy.

I know, if I go out, that I am going to use what I carry for certain things. If I take the Switch, I know I'm going to play. If I take a book, I know I will read. I always try to think before and decide what to wear and stay in that activity.

I understand the attractiveness of having several interests in the same device, but I also understand Nintendo's stance of "this machine is for play" and, to some extent, I agree. It seems to me that it helps a little to curb that boredom that, as a society, we often experience. That thing of "I got bored of this, I want something else. Now I got bored of that other, jump to something else." And never really enjoy something because of how easy it is to go to another distraction.

What do you think after reading this note? Are you in favor of having the option at least have Netflix on the Nintendo machine? Are they fine as they are? Do you think it is something that will be added in the future? Leave your comments!
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