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Geek cooking books!

One of the first things that caught my attention when I came to videogame stores in New Zealand was the amount of gaming and geek cookbooks that were available. From recipe books of The Walking Dead (really?), To the recipe book of World of Warcraft, through the one of The Witcher and I think I have also seen one of Zelda.

Obviously, it is not that they are exclusive to this country, but they are something that I found a lot in those first visits. That in fact was what led me to think about making a YouTube channel dedicated to food and games, where all this Geek Gourmet came from!

Cooking book about games...WHY?

Recently, speaking with a member of the New Zealand streaming community, the issue arose that she had bought a food book from, if I remember correctly, Skyrim or Fallout. With recipes from those games, it recreated the food you can find in those virtual worlds, with ingredients we find in the world in which we live that, complain all you want, but it is not a post-nuclear wasteland with mutants or necromancers trying to kill us with skeletons armed with swords. 

Her idea was to stream on Twitch how she recreated those recipes in her kitchen. It was probably going to be a disaster, but it was fun. When I asked where she got those books, she told me that, usually, it was in digital format, since she had not noticed the physical versions being sold locally. 

I am old school for some things and, my cookbooks, I prefer them in physical format, to have them nearby and sit down and read with a coffee to see what recipe I can make. Also, many times they come in color and with photographs, so the digital format, on the phone screen, I just don't like it.

Returning to the theme of gaming cooking books, you will wonder... Why would anyone want that, right? And I could tell you that it is because there are incredible flavors hidden in those bizarre combinations, or that they are healthy foods that make us feel like Link after sleeping 100 years in that healing jacuzzi ... but I would be lying to you. 

I doubt they are healthy recipes, because many are designed for the average Gamer: melted cheese, sauce, things that clog arteries and so on. I also doubt that they are particularly tasty, since many times they try to imitate what is done in the game (FFS, have you seen what Link eats in Breath of the Wild?!?). 

But, having said all this, let's talk about some of the most relevant geek cookbooks that are swarming around the online omniverse!

The official Skyrim cookbook!

When making money, there is no idea that it is not worth it! This is proved by this great recipe book with the Elder Scrolls franchise as theme. We will have from the famous sweetrolls that I kept stealing from every single house, tavern and church I found, to the most powerful stews of all Tamriel. In fact, it comes with more than 60 recipes from the Nord, Bosmer and Khajit people. 

It has very cool photos of the finished dishes, which already makes it interesting even if you have no intention of cooking any of this. The person behind such a crazy project is Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, who had just come up with another similar project with a book that we will see right after this one! If you are a fan of the Elder Scrolls saga and you like gamer reading, it is a must in your library. 

Now, if we talk about prices ... it is not a particularly cheap book, touching the 50 dollars when we buy it (and this is importing it). 

Azeroth gourmet!

And yes, I told you that the woman in the Elder Scrolls' book had done something similar before. That other project is the Official Cookbook of World of Warcraft. An authentic bizarre creation, but that stands out, like its other work, in what is images and product quality. 

The pictures make you want to eat some Dragon Breath Chile, some succulent soups and practically everything it proposes to you. This one has, in my opinion, better recipes than Skyrim's. It is seen that people, elves, dwarves and drows eat better than poor Khajits and Bosmers. 

If not, check those effing beans:

Rather than throwing fire through the mouth as the name of the recipe suggests, I think the fire would end up coming from the other end ... but they DO look good. 

Walking Dead: dead meat anyone?

The truth is that when I saw a cookbook set in a post-apocalyptic series with zombies, in which they are starving and eating the few cans of corn left in the neighborhoods abandoned by people who fled in horror, it did not sound very tempting to buy and try. 

And yes, I was right. This is nothing more than a vile attempt to make money with fans of the acclaimed series based on Kirkman's comics. Good for the actors who put their faces (for some extra bucks I bet) to validate such crap. I meant the book, not the series!

And don't get me wrong, some of the recipes are good, but you could quietly go to the Locos X el Asado channel (an Argentinian channel about asados, our version of what you may know as BBQ). This is one of the books that you can skip quietly.

Zelda has a kickstarter with recipes from Hyrule!

Yes, exactly that. In Breath of the Wild, cooking is a very important part of the game. Not only we cook to heal Link's health, but it's basically how we get powerful buffs.

And yes, there was a being of light that said "we will profit from the fact that Link eats up the rocks in Breath of The Wild" and started this Kickstarter campaign because, as we say in Argentina: "It doesn't have a job the one who doesn't want to work"! It looks good, I guess ... maybe you like it so much to actually donate something to receive some mention or, why not, the book itself when they finish it!

And just like these examples that I showed you today there are several more that, out there, occupy a second part of this story. With all this looking at cookbook franchise games or series nerd I wonder...

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