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Game Pass Ultimate: Worth or not?

Yesterday I was very fond, playing a game of Pandemic with the waifu. We were having a tough time because we are playing on the hardest difficulty. While we were slicing our brains thinking about the strategy so that the bird flu does not end our hopes of winning, I get an email: The 29 kiwi dollars of your Game Pass Ultimate subscription were paid.

My reaction, although I knew I was paying for that and I use it a lot, was: "But what the fuck? I'm paying a lot each month for this!" And that triggered a couple of questions like:

  • If I don't pay 30 bucks per month, in 3 months do I have enough money to buy a new game?
  • The 30 bucks per month also includes Xbox Live Gold ... so it would be more months since I should pay that aside. 
  • Xbox Live Gold is 13 NZD per month, which puts the Game Pass in about 17 NZD per month. 
Now, the dilemma is whether it is convenient for me to pay for the year of Xbox Live Gold and then the year of Game Pass. Or maybe pay the Game Pass Ultimate year directly. The subject gets a little more spicy, doesn't it? Obviously, companies are specialists in making the spending-just-a-bit-more-to-upgrade so gradual that you add months, services and things because it seems little and then the sum ends up being quite bulky!

On the one hand I would say that I use a lot of Game Pass. They usually include very good games and they manage to have me downloading new interesting things every month. It is also true that many of those games are Indies, excellent Indies, but if you bought them they would not be on the expensive spectrum of the Marketplace. Let's take the example of the last two reviews I did: The Outer Wilds and Slay The Spire. 

These are two games that, if it hadn't been because I had them included in GamePass, I might have skipped playing. Not because they are not of incredible quality, which they are, but because they are simply lost in between AAAs and other things floating in the industry. 

On top of all this, the detail not less important that I also have a Switch and many times the game time on Xbox is reduced to some specific recurring games that I have, as are currently Rocket League and Slay the Spire. 

What I'm going to do, I think, is ... leave both of them for a moment. That is: Chau Game Pass Ultimate. By the way, I will focus on finishing Switch games and, to top it off, tell you how it was the experience of being without Game Pass Ultimate for a month (without online or the Game Pass library ... OH GOD NO!). 

And you? Do you feel that the use you give to the Microsoft service justifies the price you pay? Did you use the promotion to buy many months in advance? Do you pay per month? Leave your comments!

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