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RPG classics invasion on the Nintendo Switch!

Recently, as soon as I was in the task of finishing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for Nintendo Switch in order to start Fire Emblem Three Houses without having an outstanding role-playing game, I had a tremendous desire to play Western RPGs. For the differences between both subgenres, go to this post.

But yes, the point is that I was a bit saturated and wanted a role-play experience close to what you get on a Dungeons and Dragons session. I was always a fervent defender of the tabletop role-play, it is something that I love and, whenever I have the opportunity, I play it in that format. But distance, time use and fatherhood sometimes complicate doing that hobby justice and one has to find alternatives. For me, one of those alternatives is role-playing games that use tabletop mechanics quite a lot. And I come to talk about something that is happening on Nintendo Switch and it seems worth mentioning. So prepare the beer, some roast pork and let's go with today's post!

Nintendo Switch and the Western isometric RPGs.

We all know the Nintendo machine mostly because of the excellent JRPGs that it possesses, but there is also another face that I am talking about today. The Japanese boys, with the success of their latest console, are much more open about what they let in their software offer. They are also including a lot of content not so popular in the East, without forgetting the Japanese (sometimes bizarre) stuff that we love so much. 

So, a few months ago, Pillars of Eternity arrived on the hybrid machine. It is the complete edition with the expansions and all the meat. For those who do not know, it is a role-playing game in the style of Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 decades ago. It plays under the rules that you may know from the tabletop role, with fights per turn that favor good positioning and success rates in the virtual dice roll. Some time ago they had also announced a wave of role-playing classics such as Baldur´s Gate 1 and 2, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights and Planetscape Torment. And you know what? That moment came! 

At the end of this month of September we will have the releases of these incredible RPG classics. Also, in the latest Nintendo Direct, they nailed another infallible modern RPG: Divinity Original Sin 2. And, just like that, with cross save! Which means that the progress you make playing on PC is taken to your Switch and vice versa. You play at home, you have a trip, you continue the role-play there. You come home, all in sync. I honestly did not expect them to announce such an awesome game like that and, much less, this magical cross save option. 

Why on the Nintendo Switch and not in other platforms? 

And yes, all these games are available for other consoles or will be, as in the case of the Baldurs and company that release simultaneously for Xbox, PS4 and Switch. But I wonder: Isn't it much more comfortable to play these little wonders on a portable console? Some will say that the text could be very small and annoying to read, but that problem is accentuated when looking at the text on a television screen from a bigger distance in my opinion. That said, let's not forget that the Switch can be used on TV, so we are practically talking about having the same option as the other consoles, but with the addition of being able to play anywhere. 

And another tip in favor: In an era in which the launch of a game is favored in digital and many times they sell you the game box with the code to download it and nothing more, the boys behind these classics that are going to include Baldur's Gate and all its expansions, including the one that connects the 1 with the 2, as well as Baldur's Gate 2 and all its expansions in a single cartridge for the Switch!

So you have tons of role-play in a single cartridge, to carry everywhere with your Switch. In my case, I don't know about you, this is synonymous with guaranteed purchase for RPG lovers.

And in this case, I think, we are not talking about very demanding games in the technical side of things, so the ports should not be at a disadvantage compared to the versions of the most powerful machines of the generation. Finally, to close what is one of the most important releases (especially if you are a nostalgic RPG player like me), there will be a collector's edition with many little things that will be a beautiful addition to that stained glass window, shelf or sample of geek things you may have. Take a look ...

And what do you think? Are you fans of these old school games? Which version would they choose if they had all the platforms? Leave your comment below.
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