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Switch Lite: Who is ideal for and who is not?

When they launched the Switch, seeing that it was a portable hybrid / table console, I wondered: How long will it take to give the same treatment they gave the 3DS? Recall that we had the original 3DS, the 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, New 2DS ... lots of iterations of the same console!!

And it seems that Nintendo has similar plans with the Switch, more considering that the 3DS already has one foot in the grave. Likewise, we will cry with joy, because she had many years of life and a library of games unmatched in my opinion.

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite we are facing a case similar to that of the 2DS: A "cheaper" console that targets the young audience and those who do not use the console on the TV with the dock. Let's see what changes are in this new Nintendo proposal and then let's talk about for whom it can be an ideal option!

Switch Lite: Differences with the original model. 

The Switch Lite is presented as a cheaper option of the latest and successful Nintendo machine, so you know ... there were cuts in what you will find in the Lite with respect to the original.

The most important is that it cannot be used docked to have television output. It has the connector, it is there physically ... but it CANNOT be used even if you try a thousand different positions. This is one of those decisions that are hard to understand about the Japanese company. Especially since, as I said, the USB C connector is there because it is where it is charged. Obviously there are other things that I would not be seeing that prevent its use in the dock, so ... let's trust them!

And if it is Lite and you will not be able to use it with Dock, that means it is only for use in portable mode, let's say ... so why are you going to need to decouple the Joycons ?! That is also lost in the Lite, since, as I said, it is designed to play only in portable mode, as if it were a 3DS. With this goes the possibility of playing a few games that require a particular use of the Joycons, but do not panic that they are the least and are games that are designed to play on TV, among them, Labo ... but I doubt that this matters to many. 

I clarify that you can not play in the "desktop" mode or whatever you want to call it, with the tablet resting on some surface and we playing happy with the joycons in hand, since they can not be taken out, but IF we are going to be able to do it with joycons external we buy separately. 

I feel that the concept of the Switch ... of just SWITCHING between the ways of playing, was thrown to the garbage with this version of the console. Let's continue with the differences! 

The screen also enters the cutting treatment and we will have 5.5 inches instead of the 6.2 we have in the standard Switch. That's ... well that is quite small, and it makes me wonder what it will be like to play things with a lot of text like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Pillars of Eternity, Fire Emblem Three Houses and so on...

The battery, as one would expect from a console focused on being played only in portable mode, had a small upgrade that is not crazy either. From 2.5 to 6 hours of autonomy has the original, depending on what we play. The Switch Lite will take 3 to 7 hours! Considering that the screen is smaller, I would almost say that saving comes from that side rather than from an improvement in the processes used in the machine's processor.

Is the Switch Lite for me?

Isn't that what we all wonder? I have quite clear my position and I will tell you right now. I clarify, this is my opinion and you can differ and leave me in the comments why you think differently!

I know there are many people who use it exclusively in portable mode. Either because they live on a trip and want something to play in their backpack and nothing else, or because they are never at home because of work and play on the train or in the office ... or because there is simply only one TV and it is used for the family. For those people, a Switch Lite means having access to the fantastic catalog of the machine spending about 100 dollars less. 

There are also people, like me, who already have a normal Switch and would like to buy a second console to have in the family and play some coop or competitive LAN mode games with the family. In that case, having a second Switch and making it the Lite version makes a lot of sense. Again you are saving money ...

For whom is NOT the Switch Lite?

If you have a relatively available television, you don't have the Switch yet and $ 100 is not a problem for you ... the new Lite version is not a good idea. Losing the possibility of playing certain games, but above all, the functionality of displaying the console on television, playing a little, taking it out and going to bed, taking it to the office, arriving and putting it on TV again ... is unpayable! 

Also ... how did they missed the opportunity of launching a version of Links Awakening or Fire Emblem instead of the colors and version of Pokemon Sword Shield? Think guys at Nintendo, THINK!

Conclusion: The first iteration of many for the Switch is not for everyone.

The Switch Lite is, in my opinion, the first of many versions that we will see for this console. if we see the pattern that followed with the 3DS it is completely possible that they do the same and take out the Switch Pro, Switch Pro XL, Switch Lite Pro, Switch UrMum 3D, etc ... You understand the idea.
Leave in the comments what you think of this version of the Switch! Are you going to buy it? At what price do they sell it in your country? More expensive or cheaper than the standard Switch? I am interested in knowing your opinions and how you see in the future having a similar offer of machines to the one we currently have with the 3DS ...

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