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Scratch.io: An excellent way of getting your children into programming!

As a parent and developer, I always thought: Shit, how good it would be to make my niños learn to program. But for that I can't just grab them, say "stop playing with your cool af toys", and ask them to know the intricate details of syntax in object-oriented programming.

It would be the equivalent of taking a slice of pizza from his hand and telling him to eat a celery because it is better for his future. They would reject the f up that idea! On another occasion I showed you a software designed for children to learn science, logic and mathematics through a very interesting MMORPG game.

Today I bring you another software, free and that does not require downloading anything, so that children learn programming in a fun way! Who knows ... maybe this is the spark that ignites the flame and ends up with your children developing video games or an application in the future!

Scratch.io : The alternative to learn programming, from the MIT boys. 

Yes, it is not a minor name. MIT is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and one of the most important and respected institutions worldwide in terms of technology. The point is that the boys put all their gray matter to create a tool that works in the same browser (use Chrome to have the best experience), which gives us Visual Scripting functionalities. That is, write code without writing it, by using logical blocks that we can configure as we like and modify their behaviors. As if it were a computer lego.

The great thing about this is that it is very easy to start, even if you as a parent don't understand anything about programming. Following some simple introductory tutorials, the children are ready to start bizarre games, cinematics, applications and whatever they can think of. Imagination is the limit in this tool.

The good thing about all this is that, while they are using the logical blocks they begin to understand how a loop works, how objects are created in modern programming languages, to use logic to create and solve problems through the use of programming.

As a programming professional, I can assure you that these skills will mean a world of difference during their life, since they will open doors everywhere and, in case you don't want to become a programmer (not everyone can be cool!) , at least they takes good lessons of common sense, logic and critical thinking.

To give you an idea, with my 8-year-old girl we made, in half an hour, a simple game in which a chicken moved around the screen, bouncing around the edges and getting bigger and bigger and you had to catch it with your character , by clicking and making your character move towards the savage bird. Once the chicken was caught, it said a random thing that we recorded with our voices, returned to its original size and added a point. All this with a 1 minute timer that, at the end, gave a Finish screen and reset the score for the next player.


Here I leave the link to go to the Scratch page and start using it. You will have to create an account, something that is done in less than a minute and from there you will be able to go to the tutorials to understand more the interface. From there, I recommend creating something in a freestyle way, sitting next to the child to help him/her in case he/she gets stuck with something and then look at the projects shared by other users to see how they achieved such feats and get ideas for things that our kiddos want to create in the future!

What do you think? Did you like today's note? Do you think programming is something valuable to learn for children? Leave your comments and see you in the next post!

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