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Your gaming position could be doing some serious damage to your body!

I recently told you about how can you replace that unhealthy meal we associate with a gaming session. I also told them about epic glasses I use to play for long hours without my eyes remaining like two microwave-heated sausages ... Today I come to talk about the position in which we play during our sessions, how they affect long-term health and how to correct it right now.

Lets go!

Position: The Hunch Back of Novigrad. 

Most of us play in horrible, hunched positions and we don't even realize it. Let's face it, not everyone can buy a mega gamer chair that massages your buttocks and corrects your posture while you play, so it is important to consider how our back and waist are when sitting down to play.

I, for example, usually play in the living room chair or sitting on the floor. When I do it on the couch, I do it in a healthier way, leaning against the backrest. But that makes me sleepy, so I bend over to the television to "pay more attention." The same thing we do, I think all of us, when our rivals are winning both online and offline and we need to get "serious".

Add now the time that we can spend like this, especially in very immersive games like a Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Skyrim , Zelda Breath of The Wild ... in those games in which the passage of time doesn't exist and you can be long hours in front of the screen.

Now, when I play sitting on the floor, which is a pretty asian way of doing it (I'm not Asian tho), then I screw up my position big time. I sit in an Indian position, with my legs crossed and I bend over forward, unconsciously. All this, if we are not careful and solve it, leads to the so-called "postural syndrome", which is characterized by a stretched neck, rounded shoulders and hunched back. You don't have to be a genius to understand that this not only hurts your life today, but as you get older and get closer to the Game Over the problems will multiply and you'll get the most screwed things.

If you feel a discomfort in your neck, however minimal, it is possibly your trapezius, scapula lift on the dorsal side, pectorals major and minor are supporting a pressure for which they are not prepared. And there, right there ... we have a warning sign that needs to be corrected before it gets worse.

How to correct posture and avoid future problems due to poor posture?

Luckily, there are ways to counter this and they are not so complicated to implement. First of all, improve the way you sit in front of the screen: shoulders down, relaxed, trying to put the pear in, right back. If you pay attention, many times when we play we are with tense shoulders. I remember that when I practiced Aikido, the Sensei always challenged me for this. I called it being in the position of "waiting for a punch in the face at any time." I was tense, shoulders up and that exhausted me. The same thing happens with games when we get tense. We do not realize and make the body rigid, making an unnecessary effort for long periods of time.

Another thing that helps a lot, as you may have guessed, is to change position and take off your eyes for at least one minute every half hour at least. Take advantage of this and go have a glass of water to reach those two liters per day, especially when you are online and finish a round or are in the matchmaking (in the matchmaking of For Honor could make me a roast, eat it, take a nap and return with what it takes).

If you have pets take advantage of every half hour and play with them, get up from the chair and look out the window. All that will help the future you and will also clear your mind between sessions. If you have to make purchases or something, take one hour, pause, leave the game and go to buy what was needed. As I said in a previous post, I have a rule: I DO NOT play while there is sun outside. On the one hand because the brightness on the screen is annoying and on the other because I feel like Dracula lowering the blinds so that the sun does not disturb. It just feels "bad." The only exception is during Sunday mornings when I like to play the Switch while having breakfast before going to the local producers market to buy my vegetables and fruits for the week.

To avoid slouching on TV, try to put the television higher if it is a possibility. Instead of being zombified looking down you will find yourself in a better position by having to look up to visualize the game. And if we talk about being hunched over a screen ... there is nothing worse than playing on cell phones or laptops! We are with our heads down, usually not to strain our arms holding the console or cell phone up. A good way to avoid this is, if they are in a place that allows it, to play lying down. I usually put a cushion on my belly and support the Switch there to play in bed.

If we talk about cell phones, play for short periods, rest your eyes, get up and walk from time to time!

Conclusion: Not all is lost!

As you saw, posture is something very important that is seriously impacted in the life of a gamer. It is also something that we do not usually give much attention until it is too late. I hope that with these tips you will become aware and improve your habits without leaving this life that we are so passionate about, as is gaming!

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