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Fort Palmer Head: Wellington's secret AND BURIED bunker!

A few posts ago I told you about my idea of getting into a somewhat hidden place in the city of Wellington. It was a bunker from World War II, buried by the government itself to prevent people from getting into.

After a first expedition to the mountain where I found the difficult task of crossing the dense foliage (generally hard and full of thorns ...) of the mountain to find the small entrance and calculate if I was going to be able to get in, I decided to go with a friend. So we prepared backpacks, water and food.

The good thing about going with this friend was that we entered the mountain on the other side and I had a good time at another very interesting point I didn't know about. This place is the Moa Point, another bunker but this time located high and overlooking the beaches. Here they had anti-aircraft weapons and the place has a couple of rooms and places that can be accessed by doing a bit of parkour. Especially interesting if you like to watch planes take off and land, since it is just above Wellington International Airport, with views of La Puta Madre.

One of the things that costed me the most was to say "if there is even a small quake (frequents af in here) and the tiny hole through which we are going to get in gets somehow blocked... we are done for good". Because obviously there is no signal for the phone in there, it's a bunker! And leaving would have been completely impossible because it is buried, literally, down a fairly large hill ... But hey, enough talk and let's see how it went!

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