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Healthy eating options while we play!

You are playing an intense game of Rocket League. 1 vs 1, tightening muscles that you didn't know you had because, believe me, that game causes you to do that. You ended up winning, by very little margin and the rival is telling you not very nice things in the chat, typical. In the interval until the next game your stomach roars. Yes, you are hungry!

And what are you going to look for to quench that voracious appetite that generated by playing? A pizza leftover in the fridge, some Pringles, some candies out there. To lower all those solids normal: Coca Cola, a beer why not and even an energizing drink. And then you wonder why you're like a walrus and ask to be taken to hospital after running for just 1 minute!

Luckily, today I come to offer you a series of healthy alternatives for those snacks that every gamer will look for in between dungeons, matchmakings, plays of the game and missions. Prepare pencil and paper because today I will try to turn every poisonous meal of those we eat, into a healthy alternative without removing taste and happiness!

French fries: Death with cream and onion flavor. 

I'm not going to lie friends. Whenever there was a Pringles tube in the cupboard, it was the first thing I attacked. Especially if it was one of cream and onion, the DEFINITIVE flavor of chips. This meal brings a couple of inconveniences that I doubt compensate for its glorious taste. 
  • They have a lot of salt, so Sodium is sky rocketing af. 
  • As a result of salt, the heart rate goes to shit. 
  • Increases the risk of obesity due to the oil they contain.
  • We're going to mess up the joystick/keyboard by eating and touching it with greasy fingers. 

Gross, both for our hardware and for our body. But do not fear my friends! You can replace them with things that, trust me, are delicious and much healthier!

Tasty carrot sticks with a dip of white cheese and herbs: Grab a carrot, cut it into sticks and, on the other hand, mix some cream cheese with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, ground pepper and the aromatic herbs that you like the most. I recommend fresh thyme or Italian parsley. Healthy, fast and delicious. Bonus points: You won't leave the joystick messy. 

Toasted wraps with hummus: This is one of my favorites to snack something fast. Instead of having all morbid things in the fridge, do yourself a favor and always have a hummus to snack on. It is healthy and you can eat it with many things, which improve with an bit of this miraculous product. Put a pan to heat, grab a wrap, cut it into small tortilla chips and send them to toast to the pan once it is hot. It should be less than a minute side and side. They will be golden and crispy, ideal to use as a spoon with the hummus! Bonus points: It is extra filling!

Sodas: Daily diabetic coma!

It is known that a glass of coke always accompanies the gaming sessions in summer. Especially when we play at night and think that the popular drink can keep us awake for longer to make the vice long lasting. 

And yes, it keeps us awake ... BUT AT THE EXPENSE OF LIFE TIME! For me, that extra time that caffeine gives us in both coke and coffee itself is time we are subtracting from the future. I see it as a pact with the dark gods of those drinks. The particularly bad thing about coke is that, in addition to caffeine, taurine and other beauties, it has enough sugar to sweeten Marcus Phoenix! All this not only increases the risk of obesity by the amount of sugar we put in, but also increases the risk of death because of the overtime work we put on the pancreas, generating insulin and approaching type 2 diabetes. Ironically that the origin of Coke was medicinal...
But do not fear! Here are two optimal alternatives to replace sugary drinks: 

Water with lemon and basil: I would tell you that the best option is to drink water and that's it, but I know you're going to tell me to get the f out if I tell you to change Coke for water. So I bring you this option that, in my opinion, is delicious, refreshes and keeps you awake in those long hours of watching cinematics in Uncharted 4. 

Grab a jug of water, throw some ice, fill it with water. Now squeeze out 1 lemon, cut what is left and roll it in the jar too. Take a few whole basil leaves, break them just a little so that they taste long and also throw into the jar. Bonus points: If you take it very cold it wakes you up as much as coffee!

Iced tea with mint and cinnamon: Grab a sack of black tea and do it as usual (boiling water but it falls heavy!), Preferably in a glass or ceramic jug. Throw a whole bucket of ice, cinnamon and mint leaves to give an awesome flavour. Bonus points: You will feel sophisticated!

Pizza: Say NO to your inner fattie! 

This is one of the changes that I can hardly put into practice. When you have pizza in the fridge, oven, microwave, above the bed ... wherever, it is so difficult to say no to this marvel of Italian engineering! But well, here we are talking about eating healthy, right? Also ... pizza dripping cheese, oil and sauce will wreak havoc on your joystick almost certainly. Added to this, it is a one-way ticket to not being able to wear medium size t-shirts, pants and other garments in a few months.
 Here I have to make the most of it to convince you guys and girls ... lets see if I get it with these two options to replace the pizza in these Smash Bros Ultimate stakes!

Pita bread with prosciutto: Look ... easier than this you won't find. Grab a pita bread, cut it skillfully in the middle by inserting the tip of the knife, as if you were an Ezio Auditore, and you will see that inside it is quite hollow. That space is your blank canvas, which you will fill with life by putting prosciutto with a little cream cheese. If you want, you can toast it to eat it hot. 
All that magic is trapped in pita bread, which is much lower in sodium and healthier than pizza dough, and you are eating that magical cured meat that provides good protein and fat. Bonus points: You're eating cold cuts and it's good for you!

Jerky: If you want to eat something salty and tasty, get some sticks of beef jerky. Jerky is a cured and smoked meat that concentrates everything what is good in meat, like protein and, again, good fats. They are also super tasty, similar to salami depending on what you get. One thing tho... you will want to grab them without using your hands directly so as not to mess up the joystick. Bonus points: a lot of flavor, protein and good fats in some bites!

Candies and chocolates: Dentist's life partner.

Those little energy packages called candies are the order of the day when we look for something quick to snack and we want it to be sweet. When your grandmother was telling you that your teeth were going to fall out of getting so much into treats, she wasn't kidding you, she was right! Not only do they increase the risk of diabetes as we saw with Coke, but they also deteriorate teeth by encouraging tooth decay. And believe me ... no candy makes it worth a visit to the dentist to drill your mouth.

I bring you two simple options to replace them, without losing punch in the process. 

Uvas: Yes, if you want to put sugar in your body, doing it by natural means is always more recommended. I thought that the body of the human being did not know the processed sugar until relatively recently and is not very efficient in handling it. Some grapes are easy to eat while you play, do not mess up the joystick as it would happen with chocolate, it is healthy and cool, ideal for summer! Bonus points: Did you know that in theory Knuckles' fetish food was grapes? Bizarre...

Nuts and dried fruits: All good with the grapes, but when it is cold as shit and you are with a blanket touring the Orni sector in Breath of the Wild you do not feel like going to the refrigerator, get something COLD and eat it. For that we have dried fruits and nuts! They bring a lot of good things like Magnesium and Phosphorus, ideal for a healthy brain and that the puzzles in Shadow of the Tomb Raider ... also Selenium, Potassium, flavonoids ... in short, they are a great midfield goal. 
They also help you lose weight, especially if you replace things with flours with nuts! Bonus points: Easy to eat, they do not get dirty anything and last forever in the cupboard/desk/gamer sector that we have!


Everyone is hungry after or while playing because, believe it or not, it is an activity that demands energy! Concentration, thinking ... all that sometimes makes us lose track of time and, when we want to agree, ZAS! Hunger hits you in the face. Today I wanted to talk about several options to which I turn to avoid being made an amorphous ball and be able to be at the 100%! In addition ... the more years you live with good health, the more years you will be able to continue playing!

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