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Is Nintendo really for kids only?

There is this conception that Nintendo is equal to "children audience", that if you are an adult playing Mario games and others you are a rarity. It's easy to understand why, I think. The aesthetics of many of the iconic characters have that style, the tone of the company is usually that style, without so much seriousness and the consoles, after Nintendo 64, went that direction. Look at the design of the GameCube and the Nintendo Wii. Look now at Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, etc ... It's easy to understand why many think that then!

Yes, there are more adult characters, as in the case of the Fire Emblem saga, Samus de Metroid, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Travis in No More Heroes, Bayonetta recently ... but mostly we have this childish tone in the Ninty universe... this Disney thing. We see this clearly in the games that sell the most too. Mario is synonymous with sales, not because of the character itself, but because it is usually synonymous with quality. The same goes for the Zelda saga. Series like Mario Kart, Super Smash, the Pokemon franchise and others sell like hot cakes, and have that aesthetic.

On the contrary, when we see the Sony or Microsoft universe, we have this testosterone schnitzel: muscles, chainsaws, disproportionate backs, tattoos and badass faces. Marcus Phoenix, Master Chief, Kratos, Nathan Drake, the Days Gone kid, etc. Everyone seems to be smelling poop all the time. They are angry, ready for action and break everything.

It is also true that Nintendo began in an era in which video games were designed for the Children's Target, hence the aesthetics. When Sony and Microsoft jumped into the video game train, they had, demographically, a group that had grown up with the fichines and were now in their 18s or older. It was a logical move to adapt video games to this new audience.

But ... who plays Nintendo games?

Contrary to what you might think, the ages on the consoles are not distributed as all the memes about Nintendo tell. The public of Nintendo is usually an audience that is between 20 and 30 years old, mainly due to the nostalgia factor. They grew precisely, with these franchises at home or with one of those consoles as a X-mas gift.

On the contrary, one of the consequences of having gotten on the train of games with adult and badass characters, is that the other companies ended up attracting children who want to feel ... well, that: Loco, edgy, badass, rebel. Whatever you call it. This means that when you are playing online for example on the Switch, you will generally be playing with adults. The kids there are in the community, are the children of those who bought the Switch in the first place.

When you go to the online on Playstation or Xbox games ... what do you find mostly? Yes ... children! When I start a game of those "adult" themed games, such as GTA Online, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Gears of War ... most are kids.

So why do you get the perception that Nintendo is for children while Playstation and Xbox are for adults? A matter of ego I guess. Of pride ... of saying "ahh ... I am an adult and I am better because I am playing this dark game, with a lot of blood and a theme that would make my nephew cry ...".

Is it silly? Yes it is. But it is how communities commonly interact with each other. Something that I really enjoy about Nintendo is that the online community is much more mature so to speak. There is less toxicity than in Playstation and Xbox communities, where one usually encounters more edgy pubertals. Easy, I do not say that there is no toxicity in Nintendo groups, because there is! But it is much less in what I have to experience.

So ... Is Nintendo for kids?

No and yes. First NO, because the adult who uses Nintendo products is usually someone who grew up with that and does not do it because they have a child's mentality, but because they are nostalgic and because they like the gameplay that the Japanese company gives them. They don't like modern gaming trends much and finds the gameplay in triple A games of the competition bland.

And YES, because, some children, they love to play the Big N's games. My 9 year old girl has a lot of fun with Mario Kart and Smash. This also goes hand in hand so they are ideal games to bring parents gamer to their children, when sharing game sessions. Imagine you're not going to play Mortal Kombat with your 8 year old baby!

And what happens with Sony and Microsoft?

But the teen and pre-teen will always prefer not to be associated with that kind of thing... so he will opt for exaggerated adult-themed games. At this point yes, you will prefer to share shooters and survival horror sessions with your friends. Hence, every time you enter an online game of anything at Sony or Microsoft you find many children under 18 and, on the other hand, people above 25.

The downside of this is that you are not supposed to find them in those games because they have a rating that, in theory, recommends not being played by certain age groups. Parents often don't give a crap about that, they please the 8-year-old boy and buy him GTA. That type of child and context is that of the father who puts the electronic pacifier to the kid so that he does not annoy him, which generates toxic behaviors and ends up impacting on the child screaming and swearing online because he does not receive adequate attention at home.

Ok ... I went a little through the branches assuming things ...
One last thing to note about all the latter that I told you: Nintendo is one of the latest gaming companies that bet on playing locally. That is, many games will give you the option of passing a joystick to your better half / son / father / brother / friend and play on the same console, while the others point more to 1 console per person and play online. This is something to keep in mind.

PC is a story apart!

In PC the fauna is another subject of study. Generally a child will not have a PC with which he can play because well... they are expensive! And a father is not going to buy an expensive PC and will usually opt for a console. The public on PC is usually more adult, like Nintendo. That's why Nintendo and PC usually get along when it comes to communities.

There are also children, I do not deny it. They usually play games not as demanding as Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox. That is why, once again, the PC public is not linked to the trends of what happens in consoles. For better, for worse ... I don't know, you will tell me!
I'll stop rambling, I just remembered that I have to go to conquer a fort in Shadow of War, which is free in Game Pass and has me addicted to more power and there is an orc captain that made me his B I want to kill him!

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