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How to share accounts in Xbox One!

Some time ago, like 1 year ago, I decided to get rid of the Playstation 4 and get two Xbox Ones. I had already played the exclusives that interested me, being God of War 4 the last one, and the truth was that I was not happy with the direction games were taking in that platform. I talked about this several times in other posts, so I'm not going to expand again on that here, because I come to talk about something different!

As I said, I bought two Xbones. But ... why two, right? Surely you are asking yourself that. Well, there were many reasons that I will go on to comment very quickly: When I came to live in New Zealand, the schedules for playing with Argentinian friendships were very complicated (if not the ping of playing on servers so far away). This is why we put together everything to play with Wife, since she is gamer to the crown as well.

We had at that time the aim on a pair of games that we wanted to play together, being PUBG and Sea of Thieves the ones we loved the most, both at that time, exclusives for the Microsoft machine as far as consoles are concerned.

In addition, I wanted to try the Xbox Game Pass service and see how it was to pay a fixed amount and have all that offer of games per month. Forget a bit of being aware of what comes out, of seeing what is worth buying and what is not, and having all that at your fingertips.

Both to play online and to enjoy the Game Pass on the two consoles, Waifu's one and mine, we were going to have to share accounts. Those who use PS4 or Xbox with a friend sharing accounts will know what I'm talking about, and those who don't ... well, now you are about to find out!

An account can be Primary in one console at a time. There are also secondary accounts, which may be on other consoles. The Primary Account "inherits" everything you pay to ALL Secondary Accounts. That's right, if I buy a game (digital only), I pay for the Xbox Live Gold and pay for the Game Pass for example, with my Primary Account, all Secondary Accounts on that machine can freely use all that. It's like a "house courtesy".

So what we did was simple: We paid an Xbox Live Gold, a Game Pass and we did everything from the Primary Account. That Primary account is in Waifu's console, while on my Xbox my own account is Secondary. This means that I can use everything that I bought with my account in my console and, at the same time, Wife can use with HER Secondary Account, everything that is purchased with mine, which is the one that is Primary in her machine.

This can be done with EA Access, the Origin service of Ubisoft, Netflix and everything you can think of and it is a great way to save some bucks when having several consoles in the family.

Something that should be noted is that you do not need to be on the same WiFi network, so you can do this with a friend and share expenses and services between them. One important thing tho ... choose someone trustworthy because just as today you are friends, tomorrow one disappears and chau chau games and subscriptions that were in your account!

Sometimes, when you play on the console that has their account as a Secondary, you will need to log in with the Primary for it to share services or games. This happened only to me when my baby, with a second Secondary Account, tries to play on my Xbox, where my account is also Secondary and is the one that provides Gold, Game Pass and games to others..

If you want to save, the combo of sharing accounts + Game Pass + Gold in the Microsoft console is unbeatable! Leave your comments below!
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