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Harry Potter and Pokemon...hard pass.

Don't send me to the stake for saying such heresy! But it's true. Both Pokemon and Harry Potter were things that, although I consumed to see what the wave, they did not stick that hook that the fans of both usually have. I mean, when I see friends who have merchandising of those things, I say "but ... why don't I like them as much as they do?" Grab something hot to drink, because on this rainy afternoon I plan to tell you why I don't like them and sometimes I wish I liked those two franchises better.

A generational thing ...

I'm going to start with Pokemon. When the issue of Japanese pocket monsters was turned on in Argentina, I was already going through an age when I watched the anime and associated it with children's drawings. I was a teenager, I had hairs in places that I didn't know I was going to have them, and seeing a little boy rubbing a yellow rat that only said "pika pikaaa" didn't seem the most appropriate for my interests at the moment.

Then came the Game Boy games. In my home country everything that was Nintendo was always very expensive. Too expensive for a kid of a middle class family who spent days playing in the field and catching bugs in jars. I was lucky and I managed to emulate one at that time: Pokemon Red. With a friend we started to play each one on his home computer and, although I liked it (at that time I was all-in with the JRPGs), although I understood the hook of having to capture them all and train them to level up, it was buried among many other games that seemed better to me. I remind you that this was emulated on the computer, and we know what the Game Boy games looked like ...

Similar to Harry Potter, although the displeasure was more blunt. I was already a little man. I listened to metal, I liked the swords and the magic that had been consuming role-playing games like Diablo, Baldur's Gate and the JRPGs that I mentioned above. It also came from a time when I had found the Tolkien trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. And it was a love that began and never declined. My fascination with those books was total. I read them at all times, every day.
When the movies came with the kid with the face of a salami, glasses and the half-aged Disney story of Harry Potter, I took it again as "this ... this points to another more childish audience, it is not for me." Similar to that chapter in South Park that the boys are playing Lord of the Rings and intersect with others who are playing Harry Potter and dedicate them a "haha ... fags ...".

Let's talk about the Pokemon card game for example. It is immensely popular and accessible. But no ... I grew up playing Magic The Gathering. And I didn't want to change my Nightmare for a turtle that looked like a stuffed animal and was spitting water, in my card game. But, while Magic is still popular today, the Pokemon card game is more friendly for new players and, therefore, easier to start playing or find where to duel with other Pokemon trainers.

Pokemon Go also suffered a similar fate in my life. Several times I tried to like it because, first, I found it something new in the video game offer at the time. And on the other hand, because the game looks good. But it's like that the weird looking animals that I see floating on the map don't generate anything for me. It's not that I see one and say "Uhhhh, God! My favorite childhood Pokemon, I have to capture it!".

And speaking of Pokemon Go ... a game recently came out with the same mechanics but Harry Potter. I didn't even warm it down, because ... again, it doesn't generate interest to me and I'm sure all the cool references and details would fly over my cool hair.

Why I wish I liked them more?

Both Pokemon and Harry Potter are franchises that survived exceptionally well over the years. Since the first Harry movies or the first Pokemon chapter came out, we have had new iterations very often. Look for example the case of Fantastic Animals or the announcement of new books of the English magician. In the case of Pokemon, many anime and video games came out.

All this keeps the consumption alive and fresh for the fans, since there is always something new or exciting to be waiting around the corner. And yes, it could be said that now Tolkien is having a revival with the writer's latest biopic and the series that Amazon is preparing for the coming years, but not the volume of products, merchandising and bullshit that there are for the two brands of which I speak to you in this article is incomparable.

And I say this as someone who lives in a country where The Lord of the Rings is almost national heritage. In New Zealand, Tolkien is lived and breathed. From tours, to places, to kiwis that are practically hobbits, everything has a very Middle Earth vibe. But at the same time, I wish that Harry Potter and Pokemon had gone deeper into me, to have had so much content to enjoy as their fans do.


Sometimes, because of the country in which we grew up or because of the generation in which we were born, some tendencies escape our interests. That's me, in the middle of a sea of Pokemon and Harry Potter products, unable to really enjoy or say "uhh, they announced new books, I'm dying for reading that!". Because honestly, I don't care about them.
I still play the Pokémon that come out, because they are entertaining, but I don't expect them like the next Elder Scrolls (Bethesda don't screw it up!) or Zelda.
And you? What franchises follow since kids that causes that unmistakable hype and fills you with emotion every time something new is announced?  I read them in the comments!

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