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Your mum as a service.

Everything is a fucking service. Did you notice? What used to be to buy a product, gradually became a monthly service payment. And it is something that rustle my jimmies of this modern era, especially since it gives you the feeling that you are renting everything every month.

It started with cable television I would believe. Gradually, the model was adopted by practically all sectors of entertainment mainly. Look at Spotify or iTunes. While you can still buy the album as we always did, now the ease of having a huge library of artists and music for a monthly subscription led many of us to have it on our devices.

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Do you remember when you went to the Blockbuster? A word that new generations out there do not even know what it is. I tell you muchachitos: You headed to the door, put on your sandals and went out to the outernet to physically look for a movie or several that you wanted to watch. You went to a place that had shelves with movies, you looked at them ... you read the synopsis back, you saw if the cover called you, then you asked the virgin dude at the counter and you went to your house to watch some movies. Then you had to move your ass again to take it and return it, paying an amount for that rent.

Netflix ended all this at a stroke, taking out the need to move our sensual bodies to the hostile neighborhood to get our entertainment. Is it better? Is it worse? I don't know, friends, tell me! You can also buy movies today, as is the case with iTunes (which incidentally allows you to buy the content instead of paying per month and rent it).
Just as Netflix are Hulu and a thousand more bullshit for this. Football, sports in general and others have their monthly service version for fans to pay to see all the coverage.

Undoubtedly one of the sectors that bothers me most, by far, is the software to work. Virtually everyone adopted the Software As A Service model that is so popular today. Do you want to edit videos? Adobe Premiere Pro comes out about whooping $20 a month. Do you want to do video tutorials with Scribe? Pay per month. Schedule games with all Unity capabilities? Pay per month. And so an endless number of applications. Yes, there are Community versions of many of them and they are completely free, but many times to do things professionally you need that EXTRA feature that you only get by paying per month. That's if folks, just put an intravenous and transfer my blood to their companies, it's more or less the same!

Video games also fell into this move. Started with the Xbox Live giving away games with the subscription to play online, which was later copied on Playstation 4 and now we have Game Pass and PS Now, both giving a library of games temporarily available for a monthly sum.
Again ... you can buy those same games, and many times with discounts if you pay the monthly service.

And not only that, they are also pulling this crappy move with the format of Game As A Service, in which they release the game half assed, unbalanced as fuck ... and then they are putting DLC ​​to keep it alive and fix it eventually. Obviously you have to pay for the game. This happens with For Honor for example, or Destiny, or Sea of ​​Thieves (the content in this one is free, but at the launch there was nothing to do, which they were fixing with the expansions).

Is that wrong? Well, I dont know. Because if you like a game you will receive a breath of fresh air in the form of a DLC that stretches the life of your entertainment. But on the other hand this makes the games worthwhile only after many updates, often making obsolete the knowledge you might have so far about it.
Try to stop playing League of Legends for a few months and then come back. They change everything, you won't understand anything and you have 4 Chileans in your team shouting at you for not knowing how to do things well.

What should I say ... even the food is now a service! I don't know in the country you are reading this, but where I am now, you have these companies that provide you with a weekly menu that they think, for a fixed price sum. You pay a fixed amount and you drop boxes of ingredients with recipes to prepare meals, saving you having to go to the supermarket and THINK what you are going to eat. Because hey, thinking is overrated.

And that's what bothers me, what makes my jimmies rustled ... that everything aims to throw content in your face without you really choosing. Providing you with what you will use to entertain yourself, makes you not to really think about it. Who is going to buy a game if for much less you have hundreds for a limited time?

Tomorrow a meteorite falls, we are without these services and we won't be able to watch a turtle ASMR channel on Youtube, making us not knowing what the hell to do to kill some time.

What do you think of the As A Service stuff? Do you like? Does it bother you? Is it only applicable for certain types of services?

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