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Being initiated in tabletop role-play games!

Legend has it that, in the life of every geek, the table role game arrives without fail. Maybe in your childhood (my case), maybe in adolescence or perhaps, simply, when you are already an adult. And what's funny about throwing dice and talking weird at a table with a lot of coffee and pizza? Why is it that those who play a role are so passionate about it and keep the hobby for life? Well, for those who are interested in getting into this world, here we are going to explain a bit of what this whole table role thing is about.


Have you ever been on the Witcher games, or Final Fantasy ... or why not Zelda, and wished you could talk to the NPCs and say what you want and get them to respond to you based on what it occurred to you to tell them? Or were you on a stage in Skyrim and wished you could climb that tree to see if there was any danger in the distance?


Video games have their limitations. Sometimes we want to transgress them and see what chance brings us. That is the charm of playing table role. To put them into question, a role session has a Dungeon Master (from now on more DM) who is the person in charge of directing the game and applying the rules of the game in question. Any nonsense that we throw to the master about what we want to do in the situation in which we are, will have something in response to that. If you want to stand on a bench in the middle of the square of a medieval village and sing, to see if you can distract a crowd while a thief buddy of yours tries to work as much pocket as you can ... YOU CAN DO IT.
They begin to understand what makes them so fun? It is to give free rein to the imagination and have fun with the consequences of the acts we choose, however mad they may be.


The session will have as elements, in addition to the obvious master and players, a board and miniatures at best or, as in our last table, a more humble representation of the elements involved (we use candies to represent enemies, which they are eaten by the one who defeats them).

The Master will have the mission of giving detailed descriptions of the environments in which they move, of the grotesque enemies they will face and of the reactions that arouse our responses, both said and made. Each player will imagine, according to his crazy little head, all these things, making him feel immersed in that world. This feeling is rare to explain, but never a video game on screen will overcome what one can imagine, believe me!


As you can begin to notice, the variety of actions that one can do is practically infinite, as in reality (a little more I would say, since I cannot cast a fireball in the office or make myself invisible in the bondi). How does a poor mortal (the DM) to direct this without getting out of hand and transforming into a meaningless delirium? The little dice dice ... the dice!
Your allies (or enemies) in each role session!

A set of 7 dice will be your arsenal to enter a game and determine if your actions or choices are successful or not. A dice of 4, one of 6, one of 8, of 12, of 20, and two percentages that would serve as the dice of 100. The one of 20 has a main role, is the most used and will be the one that take out smoke The percentage will be one of the most feared, since it will dictate possibilities of meeting or that, after all, bad or good things happen to you.

Next to the dice, the character sheet, pencil and rubber will be your best allies. Keep track of your spells, skills, your character's experience to level up (and thus improve their skills) and inventory will be key to managing your part and easing work to the DM.


The most popular of the table role-playing games is, without a doubt, Dungeons and Dragons. It has been among us for decades and has many printed editions, published adventures, encyclopedias, T-Guides, movies, novels and ... in short, a thousand things that can make you dizzy who wants to enter this world. My recommendation, for those who want to start playing, is to buy or get by other means the 5th Edition, aka the last one. It is composed, speaking of the basics to play, by a Master manual, one player and one monster.

maxresdefault (2)
The Master's Manual will do a great job in teaching how the work of leading is carried out. He has a very pleasant writing for reading and excellent illustrations. The rules are explained with examples and it has all the necessary tables and numbers so that your players are not surprised with your guard down when you don't know something. You always have on hand to consult in case of doubt.

The Player's Manual will teach the classes, races, spells, skills and others that make up the necessary elements for those who are going to play. A very practical guide and a new way to assemble the character will make things much easier for newcomers.

Finally, the Monster Manual will obtain all the necessary information about the creatures that swarm these worlds, to be used by the Master at its discretion. It has information on what environments they are in, their skills, ways of living, behavior, languages, etc. It also has excellent illustrations of each of them! With the Master Manual comes an adventure to start. The Master has only to follow the thread to take his players for a good tour in the first major role-playing game they have. Later, by being more confident with the system and the world they choose for their games, they can develop their own adventures (which is, as you can imagine, a process of much work ...ACA an article of ours to help them in the task).

The screen you see, gives the Master anonymity to make his scams!
The excitement of being all pending on the roll of a dice of a partner, shouting like bullshit when a critic comes out and the laughter that exists for the bizarre situations that occur make each game, something memorable that leaves anecdotes that you will be counting forever… I don't fuck them!
Before leaving, if you play in our Store (top left here on the page or in the menu for those who are watching from the cell phone), we have a complete section dedicated to role-playing figures, for scenarios, creatures, heroes and much more! And you, dear reader ... did you play a role? What do you have to say to someone who wants to boot? What are you playing or what was the last thing you played?
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