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The Nintendo Switch's Eshop is full of cr@p!

Kia ora friends! How are you? I feel very well, with my Switch in hand, looking at the EShop. For those who do not know what the Eshop is (because you are possibly a Playstation or Xbox users), it is the Nintendo store where you buy games, dlc and other puffs, such as the Xbox Store or Playstation one.

Something I've been noticing is that it is filled with SHIT. And I don't say it wrong ... not so much at least. The amount of Indies that are released per week on the machine of the big N is giant! But it seems to be a case of Quantity rather than Quality. The fact that the system is more friendly to those developing with Unity and GameMaker, made developers put games like you would put cheese to your pasta. And I'm doubting a bit of the quality standards that Nintendo has to filter what you can submit and what not to their store. Similar to what happens with STEAM, where you find poop mountains in the games offering that is submitted weekly.

This seems to be due to the fact that the platform became very popular for playing indies, especially for its portability. Something that supports this is the obscene number of units sold by small developers on the Switch vs. those sold on other platforms. It is also true that the amount of triple A multiplatforms that come out in it is less than that of their competition, so people fall more often tempted to spend their bucks on anything they find on the EShop.

Not only the indies worry me ... the big producers have also been given to make ports of some of their best known games ... several years ago. Look at the case of Assassins Creed 3, Hellblade, Resident Evil 0, 4 and also Remake. Dark Souls (well, this remake came out for the rest of the consoles ... they wanted to steal in a big way) and now, out of nowhere ... Turok. Yes, the N64 Turok. I've played that, let me tell you, didn't age well. It is not like a Mario 64 that is timeless, we are talking about a console FPS from decades ago. The mechanics, platform sectors and others aspects of it are not something for today's gaming world.

Let's add to this that prices are usually quite crappy, almost always at full retail price. The Turok game that I mentioned: 20 dollars. It seems a little above what it should be. The Resident Evil game that I mentioned: $ 30 each. 10 dollars more expensive than when they were released on the other platforms YEARS BACK. I mean ... what the hell Nintendo? Is there a crazy tax that they put on ports that makes prices ridiculous?

The bad thing is that they are excellent games, and it is a great achievement to have them on the Switch and to be able to play them anywhere. I also know that I will probably buy them ... but fuck those responsible for the price.

This second year of life the Switch rested on a very strong first year and the fact that it is sold as hot waffles due to "you can play anywhere." The strong pitches, although few, were good. There were also quite cool free things (maybe I dedicate a post to the best free 2 play in the machine) that make up for this a bit. And I have faith that this year they will press the gas again, because the inertia begins to end.

And you? What do you think of the Eshop on Nintendo Switch? Do you like the overall quality of the games? It could be better? Do you buy many games that you regret? And the prices ... how do they feel about it?

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