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Bots and how my life is facilitated with these nice creatures.

Do you know anything? I love bots ... and it's not because of the new Netflix Love series, Death and Robots (that's great and you should watch it). Nor is it because of the fact that I work creating software automations, it is because they simply make my life easier. Today, in case you still haven't guessed it, I want to talk to you about bots and give you some examples of the ones I use the most and how you could include them in your day-to-day life. They will see that they can help you in many things that you would not have imagined before reading the note and ... who says, capable even give them a place in their hearts!

But ... what do Bots eat with? What are they?

Well, hold on to your butt because we're going to get into a rabbit hole sailed with crazy technologies and concepts. Bots are programs, usually written in JavaScript, that are used to execute commands that we issue or that we program. These actions executed will be from putting a message to a Discord channel, to be aware of when you upload a new post on your page and automatically share it on your networks (as will happen with this one, if the bot behaves well, publishing the note both on Twitter and on the Facebook page of Geek Gourmet) to much more complex things such as integrating web services and performing mathematical calculations that return a result, which when compared to an expected value will give us success or not.
You have probably used or used a bot now that I think about it ... Because Siri, Cortana and Google's voice assistant (give it a name guys) are also bots. You can ask them for directions, ask how much a famous person measures, to set the alarm at such time, to let you know in so many minutes, to find nearby pizzerias, to put a song, etc.

Sounds complicated, doesn't it? Well ... what will interest you is that you do not have to understand how exactly the script that is being executed in the bot works, but to understand how to use it to simplify your days.

My bots and how they save me time.

I am particularly a regular user of these nice virtual automatons. Personally ... I don't have much time (and I don't like to waste it), so I leave all the repetitive tasks of dissemination, moderation and rule tracking of my virtual games to bots of all kinds and religion. Here are some of the ones I use the most and how I do it:

Zapier: One of the ones I use without doing absolutely nothing is Zapier. What my Zaps do is basically distribute anything I write here or upload as a video to YouTube on my other social networks. It saves me having to go like a monkey copying links for life and sharing on each side. It is one of the most used!
Nightbot: This guy lives in my Twitch channel and is responsible for passing my goat on my website (yes, here we are now). It has other interesting capabilities, but I am not using it in full power. Ah, I almost forgot! It is also responsible for moderating the language of the channel, for when a visitor leaves.
Avrae: This other spawn lives in the channel to play Dungeons and Dragons in the Geek Gourmet Discord channel (incidentally, it's new but they can join now to talk about current affairs, video games and role-playing!). It is responsible for linking the services of Dicecloud.com and helping with dice rolls, character creation, bringing information from the game manuals that we want to watch, bringing tokens, calculating the successes and failures of rolls, tracking initiative and much more. I was testing it a lot these last weeks and you are ready to carry out a role-playing game for Discord!
Siri: Poor Siri ... my wife says that I don't ask Apple's assistant for things in a good way, but it's a vital part of my daily life. From asking how the weather is as soon as I get up while I make breakfast, to ask him to read me WhatsApp messages, look for food places of some kind in particular and then make a reservation or tell me how to get ... to Wake up from naps. I leave all that in the hands of Siri (which a few days ago I put a type voice and it is extremely rare to ask Siri transvestite to do things for me, so I will make her a woman again ... that sounded very badly).

There is a bot for almost everything you can think of.

So think well if there is something that makes you do too often, because it is very possible that you can delegate that task to a nice robotic assistant and free your time to continue giving mass to the Sekiro, Smash Bros or whatever you are playing / doing today!

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